WA9STI to try SOTAs in Ireland 18-29 May

I will be traveling for the first time to Ireland with my XYL and hope to try SOTAs both near Dublin and Dingle. On 21 May (or 20 May depending on the weather), I will try to activate Ben of Howth EI/IE-072 with a KX2 and a vertical on 30, 20, and 40 meters, CW & SSB. I will also have a VX-7 HT on the Dublin RV48 repeater and 145.500 MHz simplex. On 25 May (or 24 May in the late afternoon depending upon arrival) I will attempt Carhoo Hill EI/IS-127 on the above HF frequencies and 145.500 MHz. If I am able to do Carhilll on 24 May, I may go for another SOTA in the Dingle area. At other times while on the tour, I will try to set up where I am staying and operate regular HF. If heard, please spot.

73 de Scott, WA9STI, Los Angeles, CA

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Have fun Scott. Hope conditions will allow me to work you while you are there.
Jeff K6QCB

Ben of Howth is nice and easy. You can get the DART (local train) from Dublin to Howth and then it’s a simple walk through the town and up the hill. Some nice seafood restaurants to have a bite and a drink on the way back. Recommended.

Andy, Thanks for the response. From looking at maps, it appears that there is a red, blue/purple, and green trail that starts directly across from the train station and ascends south on an old tramline pathway past the golf course up the hill. The blue/purple and green trails branch off to the east just before the GAA Club but the red trail continues to the summit with a total one way trip of about 2 km. If I am looking to do an in and out on the same trail instead of the whole loop, is this how it would go? Is the red trail marked or is it obvious going up to the summit which I believe is at the Cairn? I thought afterwards I would visit a restaurant in town.


I remember that when I was on the train I realised that I didn’t have a suitable power lead so I went down to the harbour on arrival and found a hardware shop where I bought a disposable knife and some insulating tape so I could hack other cables about to make a lead. I went back to the station and took the track to Grace O’Malley Drive then Bakill Park, Balkill Rd, Windgate Rd, Greenhollow Quarries and followed the track to the summit. There’s plenty of Gorse at the top so take so heavy duty plastic bags/sheets to sit on.