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WA7JTM: KH6/HW-001 Activation


I hope to activate Mauna Kea (KH6/HW-001) July 22-25. If the road to Mauna Kea is closed I will try to activate another summit instead.The actual activation date and time depends on many factors, so I will update my SOTAwatch2 Alert as soon as I know for sure the date, summit, and time. This activation will likely be a later afternoon activation, sometime after 2100, and I could activate Mauna Kea as late as 0400 UTC.

IF I end up activating a summit other than HW-001, then that activation might be a little earlier in the day.

I have been checking the 20 meter propagation to KH6 from Phoenix Arizona the last week, and it appears that the Hawaii to West Coast path is still open until after 0500 (10PM in Phoenix). I also hear many VK/ZL stations, so maybe I will have a shot at those SOTA stations (especially since they will still be in daylight).The other bands are not as good that late in the day towards the USA, but I will have 17 and 15 meters with me also.

So that is it…please listen for me if you have the time to do so. I have no idea if this is going to work out, but I am going to give it a shot!


Listen for the weak ones (me in this case)