Wa7JTM First W7A Shack Sloth

Thanks to All of the Activators!

I went over the 1000 chaser point level today, so I just wanted to thank all of the activators I have worked over the last few months. Thanks to you Arizona now has it’s first Shack Sloth, and it looks like two more Arizona Chasers will hit the 1000 point Chaser level in the next week…or sooner!

Arizona is fast becoming a SOTA HOT SPOT (no pun intended…but this is Arizona we are talking about).

Now if I can only get those first 1000 activator points!

tnx again!



Congratulations Pete on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M(D)0HGY

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Congrats on making Shack Sloth Pete. You’re correct on Arizona becoming a SOTA hot spot. It seems to be generating a lot of QRP type RF these days and ususally has a good path up here into Eastern Kansas.

Thanks for all the SOTA points on your activation and look forward to working you again soon.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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Congrats on Shack Sloth Pete, and good luck on working towards Mountain Goat. You had a really nice signal today from W7A/MN-142. All the best. de Scotty KG3W

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Congratulations Pete! Hey, I just worked you on Deems Hill.

72/73, Larry K4PIC

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Tnx Larry!

This SOTA stuff is more fun than a guy can stand!

C U from another summit soon!



In reply to W0MNA:

Thanks Gary…I am looking forward to working you from lots of summits down the road!

73 Pete

In reply to KG3W:

Thanks Scotty. Nice 2 wrk u today…a cool 100 deg F up on the mountain today…

c u from more hills soon…


In reply to WA7JTM:

Congratulations Pete! You always have a good signal to the summits I’m on. Good to switch places and work you on Deem Hills from home this morning, too.


Eric KU6J

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I think this is a very good reason for a gathering at the watering hole to have a celebratory beverage (the drinking kind, not the antenna kind).

After all, it is summer in AZ…and we have to stay hydrated somehow!

You know I’m in and I’m sure Jim and Dan would be too.

Way to go!

vy 73

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Congrats Pete on becoming a Shack Sloth and way to go with your activating. You’re turning into a regular and with a booming signal into Southwest Indiana.
See you down the log!

Dennis - WA2USA

In reply to WA7JTM:

Congratulations on being the first AZ SOTA Shack Sloth! Well done! Jim N6KZ (Prescott, AZ)

In reply to WA7JTM:
Congratulations! It is always nice to see another make Shack Sloth.
Martha W0ERI