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I came across this qrp trx unknown to me. Looks interesting.
73 Chris


I did not know him yet… interesting with 30m and 17m

…if I didn’t have my QCX mini… that would be something…

73 Armin


i had my Penntek TR-35 QRP rig on the air for a few hours operating Pedestrian Mobile a few weeks ago using a 10 foot whip and a drag wire on 14061 kHz.

i worked 9 stations:
W7JCF John WA,
n9ru ? Lost,
WA9PWP Paul WI, (he also heard me on 17M),
AB5X Bob TX,
K5MUG Cray TX,
WN9U Gary WI,
W1PID Jim NH ,
AF8E John OH,

My ERP was around 3W.
This operation was a little like my KX1 operation on Pikes Peak,
See the picture of me standing next to the big 5 foot Oshkosh snow blowers holding the KX1. The TR-35 is similar but it has no built in key or Tuner. See http://www.qrz.com/db/w0rw/
i set the TR-35 on 14061.00 (the display is a bit hard to see in bright sunlight) and i set the “Lock” to keep it there. i used my old Whiterook
i used my regular 10 foot, center loaded whip, and a drag wire that connected to my Elecraft T1 tuner. The tuner then went to the TR35.

Got a SWL report from N6CC said he just barely heard me in SF, CA.
Another SWL report from Bob K2YGM who is in FL.
He saw my spot and used his iPhone and set it up for getting WEBSDR. Using the Washington DC SDR of NA5B, he put in 14061 and heard me calling CQ.
My signal was about a 339 and he copied many of the stations who worked me.

The RBN’s that copied me were coast to coast, VE6, VE7 and TI7.
Here is the basic info:
The TR-35 is a QRP, 5W, 40, 30, 20, 17 Meter, Rig.
Great build, no toroid winding.
See http://www.wa3rnc.com/store/
Thanks to all the callers.
Paul w0rw

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This is my current HF summit rig. I think it’s very good. I have used it on 14 activations since building the kit version about three months ago.

Sensitive receiver. Convenient controls. Low current draw – confirmed mine meets or exceeds the specs on power in/out. Lately I am running it from a 0.8 A-h 3S LiPo battery weighing 85 g.

The display is hard to read in full sun but I solve that by sitting with the sun to my left and the rig lying in my shadow to the right. The latest firmware has an inverted video mode that’s supposed to remedy that.