WA2USA hits 50K Chaser Points

Dennis, I look forward to having you in my log both as a chaser and activator. Great job on the 50K and now it’s on to the next milestone.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Wow Dennis! Congratulations.

And thanks for yet another contact yesterday :slight_smile:

Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congratulations, Dennis!

Congrats, Dennis!

Ken, K6HPX

Congrats Dennis. I see I have you in my Log 208 times as an activator. Thanks for all the points and always a great signal.

73/Tommy W7RV

Dennis - Congratulations on 50K!! Your SOTA Activator count is not too shabby, either! :slight_smile:

Dave, AE9Q

Congrats Dennis! You’re in an exclusive club of both Mountain Goat level activator and serious chaser. I also appreciate your friendship and companionship on the high peaks OM!! Keep up the great work my friend.

73, Brad

Congrats Dennis! I feel a bond with you since you’ve been so prolific in my main activation region, the Adirondacks. You’ve been on all the summits I hike! I hope I can get you some SOTA completes on my future activations…WOW, I just checked the database, you’re top of the list for SOTA completes in all of W land. Very impressive.

Kevin, AC2KL

Congratulations, Dennis!

Peter KD0YOB

Great job, Dennis.

Always a pleasure to hear you.

Paul, K1CM

Congratulations Dennis!

Kent K9EZ

Wow, lots of chaser points being accumulated in USA lately and new milestones reached. Maybe I should stay home and chase more regularly… Nah… Congrats Dennis and thanks for being there for the needed contacts and for your help spotting, etc. Always fun chasing you too…

Best 73, Dan NA6MG

Great going, Dennis. I always enjoy working you no matter who is chasing whom. Your signals are always first rate as is your operating. Keep up the good work.

Phil, NS7P

Nice work Dennis. Always a pleasure to work you on your activations, as well. Have a nice day! Scotty

Huzzah!!! #omnipresent

Nice score Dennis. Non-Sota folks do not realize the magnitude of these high score efforts.

Tom NQ7R

Congrats!! On 50k

73 de NU7A [Bren]


Well done and thanks for being my chaser especially when propagation isn’t cooperating.


Congrats Dennis

Roland KG7FOP

Thanks for all the nice words. SOTA has put an extra kick in my step to go out and activate and when chasing I get to live vicariously through the efforts of others.

Great stuff!