W9 Association 10th Anniversary Event July 1st

You are invited to join the SOTA W9 Association (Indiana-Illinois-Wisconsin) in an operating event on Saturday July 1st (GMT) for the association’s 10th anniversary. Multiple activations are planned for all 3 states. A certificate will be available for all activators in Indiana, Illinois or Wisconsin on July 1st, as well as for chasers who make at least one contact with an activator in Indiana, Illinois or Wisconsin on July 1st. An endorsement for the chaser certificate is available for contacting at least one station in all 3 states.

Details about how to request a certificate can be found on the W9SOTA group site at W9SOTA@groups.io | Home

Example certificates:

I hope you can participate!

73, Ward – WC0Y
W9, W0I Association Manager


I plan to try to chase all of y’all …

Andy, N4LAG