W8O/CT 1,2 &3

Hello all,
It looks like I will be working in Ohio next week, and W8O/CT 1,2 and 3 will be within easy weekend driving distance.
Looking for tips and pointers to activate the three summits if any body has any words of wisdom they can share with me please?
Kit will be a KX2 10w, 5m pole and either an EFHW, or link dipole for 40,30 and 20m.
If there are other suggestions for idiot proof activation’s between Cleveland OH and Dayton OH (with short detours off freeway), I am open to suggestions.
I will also be passing W8O/NE-003 Ashland county HP on one of the days, this looks like private land, any tips on a HF activation for this 4 pointer please?
Thank you in advance.


Ashland HP has 19 activations, including 4 this year, and not a single entry on the resource page. That’s hard to understand.

Elliott, K6EL

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Are the bears looking particularly well fed…?

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Re: Ashland HP, the road goes nearly over the summit so likely everyone is setting up alongside the road. My records are on an old laptop as I activated it over 5 years ago but if you look at the map you’ll see that there is a fairly large activation zone so not too hard to find a quiet roadside spot inside the A.Z. to pull off for a quick one.
Keith KR7RK

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Thanks Keith, looking at Google maps there is a wide verge just past the true summit. Summit appears to be in the yard of a farm. If there is anybody around I will ask permission, otherwise as you say it looks like a roadside activation.

That’s what prompted me to ask on here Elliot, maybe it’s a secret activators club?

To quote the TV series, a local place for local people. Just a thought.

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