W8M (Michigan - USA) Now Active

SOTA’s newest Association, W8M, is now active. The new Association, covering 97 summits in two regions in the US state of Michigan, will regionally complement the W9 Association just to our west. Like W9, W8M encompasses the awesome Great Lakes, with some summits offering special vistas of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, in particular. A number of summits actually are on islands within the Great Lakes - North Manitou Island, South Manitou Island, and Isle Royale. In the heart of Lake Superior, the latter is the US’s most remote National Park, and it’s four summits should be very rare catches for Chasers (not to mention high adventure for activators, as well).

Please watch for alerts as activation of the 97 summits of W8M commences. At this early stage, they are all new “Uniques.” I am especially looking forward to mid September - October activations, coupling hiking and radio activities with some of the prettiest Fall colors seen anywhere. For active SOTA activators, consider the new W8M Association for your touring trips.

I offer special thanks to Jim, G0CQK, for guidance and IT assistance in the face of daunting computer problems, Rob, G0HRT, for advice, and John, KX4O, for useful feedback on early drafts of the Reference Manual.

If you have questions or comments about our newest SOTA Association, W8M, please ask.


Dave, N8LBF
W8M Association Manager

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It sounds great, Dave, welcome W8M!


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Well done on getting the W8M Association up and running Dave, welcome!


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First off, congrats on setting up W8M!

If you are not already a member of the NA SOTA Yahoo Reflector (I didn’t see your call in the member list), you might consider joining that group as it encompasses all things SOTA for North America. The link is Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

It is a very active and positive group dedicated to encouraging both Activators and Chasers and, of course, a forum for questions and information. Please post this W8M announcement there since there are many mid-west folks who would be interested in SOTA Michigan.

Good luck! 73, Guy/N7UN

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Thanks, Guy. I have just posted this announcement on the NA SOTA Yahoo Reflector. I am a member, but under dwallick01. Maybe I should change my ID to my call.

73, Dave