W7W/SK-173 Little Mtn Hike or Drive - First time using Icom V86

Have primarily used Yaesu FT70 and FT3D for SOTA activations, but have wanted to try out the Icom V86 for awhile as quality & lower cost ht option. This was my first activation using, and have used a few times since. I like the 7w option, build quality, and long battery life… main thing I don’t like is awkwardness adjusting squelch (holding down the small MON button, and pushing down or especially up button). Since most SOTA VHF is on 2m, this seem like great option for some people. I prefer dual band radios, and have heard a few people are having success with the lower cost Yaesu 4x or 65… may try in future as well. 73, James WA7JNJ


Hi James, thanks for your great activation video. :grinning:

cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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