W7RV now over 100K chaser points

Tommy, W7RV, quietly crept over the 100,000 Mark, for chasers, sometime yesterday. He has over 9,000 chaser points in the last 6 months. Always a big signal here in the Northeast. Congratulations OM. 73 de Scotty KG3W


Wow! Awesome. Great job Tommy! We’ve been working each other for almost 4 years now and I feel like you’re a close friend. I hope you continue on to 200K points ;-).

73, Brad

Great job, Tommy. I have you in my log 71 times and Liz has you in her log 5 times. Thanks for all the contacts. Good luck.

Ron and Liz

Great milestone Tommy,
73 and GL

Great Tommy, congratulations. It is great to hear you come back to my first or second CQ, even before I am spotted. I was quite impressed when this started happening and even more impressed when it started happening on frequencies other than those I had alerted. I don’t know what your mechanism is for knowing where I am calling but it is much appreciated.
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ

Great job Tommy. Always look forward to hearing you when Martha and I do an activation. Lots of time in the shack to hit 100K points.
Gary A. - W0MNA

Well done Tommy. I always appreciate your calls. Scott kw4jm

Congrats Tommy!


Congratulations Tommy on achieving 100,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Wow!!! Awesome!! 100K… :open_mouth: Thanks for being there! I sure hope you don’t start thinking “…well, 100,000 is enough…I think I’ll find a new hobby…”

Dave, AE9Q

Good job Tommy. Thanks for always being there.

GOOD SHOW, TOMMY! And a special thanks for all the spotting, references, and corrections that you add to the mix.

Best, Ken


Congratulations Tom! 100K is a lot of points and great dedication to SOTA! Thank you for the many contacts. I always listen for you. Looking forward to many more in the the future! 73

Congratulations Tommy. Hope to hear you from Bigelow this Friday!
Bill, K0MP

Congratulations Tommy and thanks for being there. You’re often the first contact in my log.

73, Jordan

In Arizona SOTA we can count on two things…Sunshine and working Tommy from a summit.

Congrats Tommy…well done!




Congrats Tommy and THANK YOU!

–Chris K7TAB

Congrats, Tommy! You’re in my log 23 times. Always happy to hear you answer.


Way to go Tommy! Your signal is always heard in the northwest and you always hear my puny signal…

Not sure how quietly he crept over 100K Scotty? His sig is always strong enough to pop out my earbuds… Thanks Tommy for always being there and for all the help spotting me when all the mechanical means don’t. Thanks for helping to get me my summit ref so many times when I’ve forgotten to bring it. Congrats on this achievement OM, Well done!
73, Dan NA6MG