W7RV hits 75,000 chaser points

I missed it at the time, but NA powerhouse chaser, Tommy, W7RV passed the 75k chaser point threshold. Great job, Tommy. He is always a strong and consistent presence on the SOTA frequencies. Onward to 100k!

Phil, NS7P

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Congrats Tommy! You’re my top chaser and I always look forward to making contact with you. Keep up the great work my friend.

73, Brad

Congrats Tommy . Even with band conditions , not so hot , you continue to push through. Your chasing signal is loud and clear on the East coast. 73 de Scotty

Thanks for always being there Tommy!

Jordan WC6J

I’ll add my thanks Tommy,
Not only for being there, but for all the ref. corrections, spots, and other help!

All best, Ken, K6HPX

Congrats!! Not only to great chaser, but an op who regularly spots and corrects ref mistakes and often appears to be on call 24/7, although he keeps trying to knock my ear buds out.

73 de NU7A [Bren]

Congrats Tommy on the 75K chaser points. Now on to the next milestone.

Congratulations Tommy. All those chases are very much appreciated here.
Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congratulations, and thanks for the many contacts!
Peter KD0YOB

Congrats on a fine achievement. Keep on chasin! :runner:
Karen W4KRN

. . . and you said you wouldn’t reach 100k! You’re almost there. What a milestone. Thanks for being the honorary keeper of .410 for us activators.
Charlie NJ7V

Well done Tommy! And thanks much for chasing me so often. You’re nearly always in my log.

73, Dan NA6MG

Tommy, If I had an activation without W7RV in the log I would have to conclude the bands were really really dead or the power was out in AZ. Thanks for being there.
73 Gary W5ODS

Well done Tommy. You are one guy who makes me want a volume control on my ATS3. Always loud and clear in Oregon.
73’s Roger ND7PA

Thanks for all the contacts and the support Tommy!


Mike - ke5akl

That’s awesome Tommy! You are also my top chaser! Sure appreciate you always being there!

Mike AC0PR

Great job Tommy,
Thanks for the many times you’ve chased me. Very reliable and a strong signal…

72/73 de Dennis - WA2USA/P

Awesome Tommy, congrats. Always great to hear your call on the other side of the ether.

Kevin AC2KL

Hi Activators and fellow Chasers,
Once again I am humbled by your kind remarks, As I have said before, my hat is off to the activators, who do all the hard work and without them, no need for chasers. KX0R is my top chased activator and I know I’ll work him again today. Don’t think I’ll ever see the 100K mark and not even thinking about it. As we approach the summer, I will be scaling back my chasing as I will have other commitments to attend to. Indeed, as I speculated, 75K is the milestone, where the database will show the date of reaching that. In my case, March 15, 2017.
So, thanks again, and I hope everyone has a great summer this year.

73/Tommy W7RV DM43bl Arizona

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