W7O/WV-096 - Sorry, rig died

Sorry for any chasers I missed today. My batteries died as I was calling K7PX near the end of the pile @ ~2223Z. Looks like a LiPo battery pack failure. They were fully charged when I left, yet required recharging upon return for 10 min; most unusual. (1100mAH)

Thanks for those who chased. I’ve been gone for months recovering from a bone marrow transplant. First time on the air since late June.
Its good to be back and hear some old familiar and friendly calls.



Thanks for the S2S today.

Roland K7FOP

Your are most welcome. Welcome to SOTA!

Welcome back Roger and best of health to you!

73, Barry N1EU


I was hearing you easily for a couple of minutes and at the end as you called K7PX, and then you disappeared. I figured your antenna blew down, or whatever. I waited a while, because I’ve been on the activator end of these “drop-out” events a few times.

Not sure what your rig is, but 1100 mAH seems pretty minimal these days. I currently use a 3300 mAH, 3 cell 18650 Lithium-Ion pack, and it weighs only 5 oz. I use a KX2 mostly, and I often do two really long activations, each 3 or 4 bands at 10W out, with just one pack. Good, light battery power has never before been so easy to obtain.

In cold weather a larger battery may be necessary, depending on what your power drain is.

Hope to catch you sooner next time!



Actually, I use 1600mAh for my KX2/3 and 500mAh for MTR. And IMHO 1100mAh would be enough for my KX2/3. But agree that you might need to up those numbers a bit in very cold wx for longer activations.

73, Barry N1EU

Hi Roger,
I was scratching my head when you just dropped out after sounding so strong.
I called you several times thinking it might be deep QSB.
Good to know what happened.
And welcome back, looking forward to more contacts.

Steve K7PX

Sorry I missed you at the end. Further checking revealed that the batteries were fine, but the protection PCB has failed. I have ordered a new one and hopefully will get the pack up and running. I also ordered a new 1500mAh battery.

I run a ATS3 as my SOTA rig so 1100mAH pack powers me for quite some time. I done as many as 10 activations without recharging.

Thanks Steve. I hope to be activating more in the coming months depending on how things go with the doc. I’m sure itching to get back outside more. Take care,

Thanks Barry! I’m working on it.
Roger - ND7PA