W7JET UK Visit June 25th to July 8th

Greetings. I am going to be traveling in the UK and France from June 25 to July 8th. The plan is to spend 4 days in France not near any SOTA areas. Then return to London and travel around UK eventually ending up in Inverness. I am looking for tips on easily accessible peaks. I would like to get a G and a GM peak. I will have HF and VHF/UHF with me as well as reasonable hiking gear. I am an experience hiker. I just have to budget time during the trip to accomplish the activations. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brian W7JET

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Oddly enough Brian, I’ll be in G and Gm about the same time I have some alerts on the spotter already based upon what we are planning… I have to be in South England at Tank Fest on July 1st, (So I’ll be doing Nine Barrow down which is really close) and we are supposed to be landing in Edinburgh after our Germany leg on 6/24 so I’m going after Arthur’s seat really close to Edinburgh castle on the 25th. If those dates happen to jive with yours more then happy to go as a double… Time and interest permitting, I may hit up something in the Lake District, but I am the only hill topper in the family in the grand scheme of things… --Jamie

You need to book this and get confirmation of permission to operate. Details on the summit page ISTR.

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Thanks for the tip Andy!!

Bovingtion Tank museum? That place is awesome!!

How about G/LD-017 Red Screes - a 6 point summit with about 45 mins ascent from Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District? Happy to come with and double-activate if I’m about. It’s probably an hours detour from the M6 if you were heading North, with a lovely route passed Ullswater if you want to pick the M6 up again at Penrith and carry on.

Regards, Mark.

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Hello Jamie,

It is not my business but I could not avoid noticing that you have put 146.52 MHz as your frequency for an activation in Scotland.
I guess you are aware that in ITU zone 1 the 145.500 is the call frequency. 146.52 MHz is off band in ITU 1 region. Channel step is 12,5 kHz - UK Bandplan VHF

I guess then your callsign must be MM/N6JFD in Scotland? But the experts on that can be found in the forum.
With the extra class licence you can use the CEPT reciprocal agreement so that is no problem.

Please take no offence for getting involved in your business.

73 Joe


Jamie, I’ll be traveling north past Edinburgh on 25/6. How long will you be active on GM/SS-272 do you think? It’ll probably be nearer 1400 UTC that I’m approaching Edinburgh.
Good luck with your activation (PS Joe is right, your alerted frequency needs a notice of variation and is for digital op - 145.500 is FM calling here)

thanks for that note. when i tossed the spots up it was more for calendar planning and as it stands I think a couple of the dates have already changed, so i will be updating/deleting them soon.

@OE5JFE and @G6PJZ Joe and Andy, thanks again for your notes the other day, I fixed the spot for Arthur’s seat (and I still need to followup with the Scottish Heritage to get permission to operate). I think I will stick to just VHF from Arthur’s seat given the need for permission etc. I emailed them a month ago, and never got a reply back, so once I am on the ground in the EU (and timezone friendly) I’ll reach out to them to get that secured.
Hope to talk to you guys OTA over the next couple of weeks!

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@G6PJZ And to answer your other question, timing is really up in the air at the moment. I’m not 100% sure of when I’ll be on summit at this rate. I’ll stay on summit as long as the family is enjoying the views and such. The wife wants to check out something related to the Outlander TV series. We are also wanting to check out Edinburgh castle, so that would either be before or after.
Not sure how much I am going to follow spotter (the whole international roaming thing) once away from wifi and such, but I will definitely jot your call down in my log and listen/scan for you!

Are there any activators in the area of Fort William? Tomorrow is a stop/rest/laundry day, and it looks like there are some peaks in that area. My Son and I are going to head to the hills while the ladies check out Loch Ness and deal with laundry. Would love to walk with a local :slight_smile: