W7A S2S Madness VHF from San Diego!

Had a great time trying to work you all in AZ on VHF this morning. I managed four VHF 2m S2S contacts from W6/SD-026 in the mountains East of San Diego:
WX7MB on W7A/CS-020 via 2m FM, 323.4 mi away
K7TAB on W7A/AE-044 via 2m FM, 315 mi away
NJ7V on W7A/AW-011 via 2m FM, then CW, 328 mi away
WA7JTM on W7A/CS-013 via 2m CW, 315.4 mi away

I also worked chasers in AZ and could hear some other stations trying. Sorry for not being able to pull you out.

I was running a Yaesu FT-857 at 50w into a home-brew portable 6-element beam.

Many thanks to WA7JTM and everyone that made this event happen. What a blast.




Just got home. I am amazed how well you heard my 5 watts at that distance. I had 4 elements 9 feet of the ground, in the trees. It was not a clear path from my summit, but good enough apparently

I heard you again later and u were quite a bit stronger than when we worked.

The log shows 121 contacts in this event and 50 s2s contacts…some are dupes (same station different band) so it will be interesting to c how many unique summits I actually worked.

From the smile on your face it appears you may have had some fun today. Hi Hi

73 and thanks for being there!



Wow! Impressive 2 meter contacts. My longest 2 meter FM contact was about 120 miles. Didn’t know 300 plus miles on 2 meter FM was possible, but you did it. I could not here you here a lot closer. I need to get my beam back up. Had a lot of fun here chasing everybody on HF.
Jeff K6QCB

That’s awesome! :clap: