W7A/MN-144 Activatrion aborted


Discretion being the better part of not being derricked off the hill with heat stroke, my planned activation of lookout Mountain W7A/MN-144 today was aborted. I got a late start and it was already near 100 Deg F at the trailhead. it’s Short but pretty steep climb to the summit and I started to feel it pretty quick. being asthmatic, I need to pace myself. I decided to re-evaluate my situation every 100 vertical feet. Finally at 1750, about 1/2 way up, I had to call it a day. the summer bonus wasn’t worth the effort.

Apologies to those looking to work me on the summit, I’ll get up there some time.

I think my next activation will be Up north in the high country to get away from the Phoenix Heat.


In reply to K7TEJ:
A very wise decision indeed. There’s always another day to do this summit and not when it risks your health to do so.

See you on the next summit somewhere.

Gary A. - W0MNA