W7A/MN-143 Activation aborted

Scarlett Mountain, W7A/MN-143: 1, K7TEJ: 0. Today’s planned activati0on of Scarlett mountain was aborted due to excessive heat. It reached 118 degrees here in the Phoenix yesterday and will likely approach that today. In spite of an earlier than usual start, temps were already over 100 when I left the trailhead. I got about 2/3 the way to the Saddle, where the trail to summit begins, when I decided I was not having fun. Being a 55 year old asthmatic, I do need to be carful and my body was telling me to save it for another day. I listened. I was hoping for a few S2S contacts ( and would have got them as there were several other local activators on nearby peaks (I did get chaser points for them though).

The takeaway: S2S and Summer bonus points are not worth risking your life. The hill will be there when it cools down, and so will I.

73 K7TEJ


Good call Rick. I look forward to our first s2s. Being alive to make the contact is one of the requirements.Hi

C u when it cools down. I left my summit today when it hit 105 F…



Right decision Rick. It always feels bad to abort an activation, but safety MUST always come first. There will be another day. Consider this trip to be a “reccie” to improve planning for next time, when hopefully it will be somewhat cooler!

73 Ed DD5LP.