W7A/AE-028 Hutch Mtn> Correction W7A/CS-045

Today 7 April 2021 Activation of Peak W7A/AE-028 was cancelled. Gate locked 5 miles from the
summit due to poor road conditions-snow melt-Mud. I moved to an alternate Peak 53 miles North just east of Flagstaff W7A/CS-045 and this was activated between 1801 UTC-1920 UTC 60m-40m-20m.
Unfortunately, I had no cell service either location an RBN picked up AE-028 as the activation peak until that activation was cancelled. Please check to make sure you have W7A/CS-045 in your log if you worked me today. Sorry for the mix-up. Just trying to make lemonade out of Lemons today. BTW thanks to all that did find me. 73, WB5CTS

Steve- Thanks for the s2s today. Today wasn’t one of my better code days, but I did correctly copy your summit info (after some scratching out). However, when I went to double check your summit info on your spot, I was really surprised that I got it so totally wrong. Glad to know that it was the spot that was wrong and not me! :smiley::smiley:


Dave, AE9Q


Dave thankyou for the 60M S2S. (approx. 198 miles Pk to Pk) Glad you got the right summit
in the log.