W6UB New SuperSloth

Congratulation to Larry W6UB new SuperSloth from Tennessee!
Walt NE4TN

Good man :smile:

Congratulation Larry and making the SuperSloth level. I know it takes a lot of time in front of the radio to achieve that. Keep on having fun chasing these SOTA activators as they are a good group of people.

Gary A. - W0MNA

My congratulations also Larry. Good to be retired and have major time for SOTA. God Bless and 72 de Scotty

Congratulations Larry keep on chasing!
Chuck 73

Congrats from the Only Super Sloth in W4V
(Dow) W4DOW

Thanks SOTA colleagues for your congrats, and thanks for the activators who made this achievement possible. Norma and I should be back on the summits later in the year following our current construction project.

Larry W6UB

Congratulations Larry! I look forward to seeing you on top of some peaks soon!

Congratulations Larry!

Very 73, Larry K4PIC

Congrats Larry. Thanks for all of the Q’s!!!



Congrats de W4DOW Super Sloth in W4V

congrats larry 73 charles /km6cem