W6AH - NA's Newest Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Mike W6AH on becoming North America’s newest Mountain Goat when he achieved 1000
points on W6/ND-283 shortly after 0000 UTC today.


Congrats Mike, good work, and welcome to the herd.

My only regret is I was about 5 minutes too late yesterday to work u on your summit! DANG!

73 Pete

Congrats Mike!

For a while I thought I would get it before you, but you powered through the peaks this past year.

Great work.

73 & Semper Fi,
Nate N0PCL

Congrats on Mountain Goat, Mike ! Always a pleasure to work your FB signal from California , or wherever you may be. All the best to you. 72 de Scotty

Congrats Mike,
Thanks for all the Chaser points and thanks for helping me out with places to hike in Nevada.
I had a great time near Lake Tahoe and your suggestion for a summit was spot on…

73, Dennis

Great job on getting your MG. Looking forward to future contacts from CA or from my cabin in Eagle River, WI where I will be for the next two weeks and plan to activate near Lake Superior.

Los Angeles

Congrats Mike, welcome to the herd!
Sorry to have missed your activation today.
John K1JD

Congratulations Mike. First Shack Sloth and now Mountain Goat. You’ve really been knocking out the summits recently.

Jeff, K6QCB

Congrats Mike! 73 hal n6jzt

Congrats Mike! 73 km6cem