W6/SS backpacking weekend (in Sept)

Hey all:
I am looking to add W6/SS to my Assoc/Region list and wanted to toss out the light shell of a plan to see if anyone would be interested in joining me on this trip. Solo is fine, but the more the merrier; (although when is there ever solitude in the Sierra?)

Basic details of the plan: I am looking to activate at a minimum W6/SS-003 (Split Mountain) and at least one more time permitting. FWIW W6/SN-026 (Tinemaha) on the way in/out to the trailhead so this could be an easy pick up. The weekends I’m thinking are going to either be Sept 9 or Sept 16 possibly going in Friday midday/eveningx. If you are interested and one weekend works better then the other I will take this into consideration.

(I’ll provide more details as time gets closer)
If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me via reply here, or email on my QRZ page etc.

Thanks and 73