W6/SN-046 16 Oct 2010

Plan “A”: 1700Z-2000Z 16 Oct 2010. CW only unless I can get a mic wired for the K2. Plan “B” will be Sun, 17 Oct same times. This is my last chance to get to Little Bald Mt before it snows, first activation for the summit. I don’t know if my phone will work so would appreciate posts to SOTAWatch and QRPSpots [last time I was on top of LB, wireless phones had not been invented].

I’ll call CQ at about 18 WPM but will match speed with anyone. K2 @5W and Buddipole vertical, 20m first, 30m before leaving. Plan “B” if something fouls up Plan “A”.

The No Cal Contest Club is celebrating its 40th birthday on the air. Work 40 members [see www.nccc.cc/40th ], help us celebrate, and get a certificate. I’m a member so Q’s with me will count.

Iowa and New York: Listen for a weak 6 in your QSO parties.


Fred K6DGW