W6/NS-002 almost epic and shocking

For those of you chasing me (n4ex/w0mna amd others). i had to tear down in a hurry. within 30’seconds my noise floor went from s1 to s9 and i could feel static discharge from my earphones. THEN i hear yhe thunder off in the distance (a few miles). This peak really did not want to be activated or something. i managed 4 on 20 and 2 on 2m simplex. will do a proper TR later, but wanted the chasers to know why i disappeared all at once! Thanks K6ARK for also spotting my abrupt teardown!!


Jamie, glad you got down off of that peak before Zeus found you. The peak will always be there tomorrow. We’ll work you on the next try.
Better safe than sorry.

Gary A. - W0MNA



You did well to get off that summit so well. Alive is always better.

Welcome to the “Corona Club”. Your experience is very similar to one I had several years ago on a local peak at 13,500 feet. I was having a great activation, with many stations calling on 40M CW, when I noticed the noise level rising. There was a storm several miles away, with a little thunder audible, but I didn’t think it was close enough for concern.

The real problem was that there also was a developing cloud overhead. I couldn’t see how large it was. The electric field was strong enough to start some discharge. Similar to what you experienced, within the duration of just one or two contacts, the noise covered up ALL the chasers!

The only good thing about this phenomenon is that continuing is pointless, as well as incredibly dangerous, so you’re forced to shut down. The best thing to do is drop the pole first, then decide what to do next. If the rocks and you are hissing, leaving the summit immediately is indicated.

73 and Good Luck,



Jamie, going QRT ASAP was the wise choice. If I were along with you under those circumstances, this older guy might have even beat you back to the trailhead. The summit will remain for future activations. 73 Rich N4EX

Guy N7UN and I got caught in a lightning storm last summer in WY. He got a shock from static in the air from the near by storm via the radio and his headphones. Needless to say, we packed up in record time and beat a hasty retreat.

Glad you are OK. I listened for you and you disappeared. I can’t say I was that scared but I was putting Sugar MtnW4C/EM-011 on, made 4 contacts and fog, rain and thunder ran me off the mountain too. And to boot we had nice weather on the short ascent.

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