W6 map using ArcGIS Online

I created an ArcGIS map of W6 which displays all summits according to their point value. You can click an individual summit and details will pop-up. The main reason I created this map is because there is an ArcGIS mobile app available for Android (and probably iOS as well but I don’t know that) that works for me pretty well compared to using the sotamaps.org site in a mobile browser. For those summits that have cell coverage it is nice to see what might be close by, maybe make a single summit trip into a double :slight_smile:

It is a work in progress and anyone is welcome to check it out and I highly encourage suggestions/critiques if you are so inclined!


Michael Thompson KJ6DRG

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Gosh, that loads fast.

Michael, check the date formats, they’ll all be in European format. e.g. CT-037 is valid from 1/Jul/2009 not 7/Jan/2009.

Very cool! Thanks Mike!
73! Hal N6JZT

Thank you! I’m really not sure how that happened, even if the formatting got twisted some way the numbers still don’t match the table I downloaded. I’ll fix that ASAP.

ETA: Your comment also points out the fact that I accidentally lumped CT and CV summits under CV. Will fix that too :smile:

Ok, I edited the map a bit which really only made it MUCH easier to manage on my end, nothing an end-user would really notice. The date formatting does not want to play nice so I will have to figure that out when I get home tonight. In the meantime I simply removed them from the pop-up.

I have done something similar using OpenLayers:

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I had this working earlier today on my Galaxy S3, and wanted to say thanks! But now, just tried playing around with it and can’t seem to download the W6 SOTA map. Not sure what’s going on ?? Anyway thanks again. FYI: Here’s what I’m seeing on my phone: When I bring up the app, I search for the W6 SOTA map.
It comes up on Map Details screen, and then under Summary, Map Contents:
“Loading” shows. If I click on the “Open” tab, after a few minutes I get:
“The map has failed to load” I was able to download your US Islands map though…

73, Todd KH2TJ

Todd, I made some changes to the way the map posts the summit locations this afternoon. Basically, instead of using multiple shapefiles I have it drawing from a single CSV file that is hosted on on ArcGIS Online.

Once I made that change I get the same “faimed to load” error you are getting when I use the ArcGIS android app. It does work, however, in my Chrome mobile browser as well as desktop browsers (I have checked in with Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Iceweasel) so I’m assuming some sort of issue between CSV files and the mobile app. I will check the AOL forums in the morning and hopefully get full functionality out of this thing. Thanks for the heads up!