W6/CT-035 - Saddle Peak - 2/20/15 1st timer!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I made a trip to Saddle Peak in the Santa Monica
Mtns to “activate” the peak utilizing ham radio. The concept comes
from a group called Summits On The Air or SOTA- Summits On The Air - Wikipedia

The idea is to communicate with whomever possible using only
battery/solar power and what you carry to the site. (no operating on ac power,
from a car, etc.)

It was a great excuse for me to get out in the field and
learn more about remote operation and ham operation in general. I learned a TON
and had a lot of fun doing it.

Here is a short list of highlights:

  • fellow hams and friends offered support and encouragement!

  • unique generosity and support from Anthony Domingo KB6WWI.
    Anthony made me a fantastic antenna to use on 10m and intereacted with me
    throughout the day on 10m and 2m giving observations, suggestions, and
    essential tips from his lifetime of radio experience. Thanks Tony!!

  • ran out of gas just before I reached the top of the mtn

  • contacted stations in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas on only 5
    watts on 10m



Take care,



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Did they throw in a mule as well :wink:

Smashing words from a 1st time activator. :+1:


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Thanks Karl!

Heh! Glad it was fun. You’ll be after a lighter rig and a much lighter battery before long. :wink:

You got that right. An FT-817 or 857d is in my future and a lighter battery. I need more room for snacks!!