W5N/MG-004 Activation propagation issues

Thanks chasers for your concerns, including someone who looked up home landline a left a broken-up message inquiring if all was well. It was. Started out CQ-ing on 40M for quite some time; expecting to work the usual suspects; however, not picked up by RBN, and no other station heard anywhere on 40. Went to 30M, reported by RBN and K9PM; got an S2S with KX0R, weak both ways, then a few more, ending with NS7P. Went to 20M, expecting the usual pile-up. Sent QRL?, and was again worked by NS7P, with good signals both ways, and spotted by RBN. Then nothing, nada, like a light switch; gone! Called and called. Thought about 17M, but with all the calling, end of KX2 was hotter than a $2 pistol, in the 10,000 ft. elevation kilowatt- per-square-meter sunshine, so packed it in. Sorry to leave all the faithful chasers hanging, but prop was just not there. Will write up the activation soon. Preview: Beauty overload!
Best, Ken


Glad to know all is well. I was the one who called your phone to see if you were okay. I have a temporary home station up and running, but could not hear you. Solar cycle: Hurry Up!


Dave, AE9Q

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