W4V/WV-005, Point Lookout Mountain, Virginia

On 10-13-17, my wife and I attempted to activate this summit but were unsuccessful in getting access. The most obvious route seems to be to take Peach Bottom Road from the north side of the town of Independence. About a mile off of Highway 21 on the Peach Bottom Road is a sign pointing to the left for Point Lookout Mountain. But the entrance has a gate with a keypad kiosk (we did not try the kiosk). Just past the main gate is another entrance that has a sign up that says “service entrance.” That entrance is also gated.

It also looks like there might have been another route up the mountain about a mile farther north on Highway 21. There, it looks like you would turn right (east) on Granite Lane and in a short distance take Point Lookout Lane to the top. But according to Google Maps, that route now appears to end in a private driveway in front of someone’s garage.

This summit has not been activated in two years and we were wondering if in that time frame the property has been sold, houses buiilt, and a gate put up. If anyone has any additional information, we would welcome it.

Ron, KI4TN