W4KWM makes goat on 07DEC2019 and Sloth the next day

Congratulations to my brother, Wayne McAlexander, W4KWM, for making it to SOTA Mountain Goat on 07DEC2019 and then making it to Shack Sloth the very next day. Thank you Patrick, K4LPQ for propelling Wayne to 1,001 chaser points with your activation of W4C/EM-022, Grandmother Mountain.

Even though the award is called Shack Sloth, the majority of Wayne’s chases were S2S with his HT.


Congratulations Wayne on achieving Mountain Goat and Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Wayne
and welcome to the Herd

Congrats Wayne! Welcome to the herd brother!
Mike NS1TA

Welcome to the herd and BAAA!

It is also interesting to note that W4KWM made it to 1,000 chase points predominantly via VHF S2S contacts. So it is hard to call him a Shack Sloth. Perhaps there should be an award for making 1,000 chase points via S2S, since those chase points were earned the hard way. Wayne, W4KWM, is currently sitting at 1,117 S2S points and 1,077 chase points.

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Congratulations Wayne.
De John Paul // AB4PP

Congrats! That’s amazing!

There is precedent for adding “All S2S” or equivalent endoresement to certificates and trophies.
I have enough to do without introducing additional awards - PLEASE!!!

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

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Late, but congrats to you!

Andy, N4LAG