W4C/EM-010 on July 2 2020

Tnx to those who worked me on 20 CW from W4C/EM-010 Hanging Rock, North Carolina on July 2.
This was my first activation, so probably blew protocol. Called “CQ Sota.”
Internet was basically non-existent, so couldn’t self spot.
Is there a protocol exchange template, eg, calling CQ and how to give out the specific location?
Tnx in advance Bob K4RLC


Hi Bob, congratulations on your first activation, here’s to many more!

You were spot on with “CQ Sota”, and the location (summit reference) is normally given during the first QSO, then every few minutes. If you have a pileup, those listening will have noted it, no need to keep sending it with every exchange. Some chasers will ask you to confirm it eg in CW: “ref ?” Just give the summit reference eg “ref W4C/EM 010”

When calling CQ Sota, there is the thought that some stations will think that you only want to be called by people participating in SOTA, so it is sometimes worth just calling plain old CQ. All QSOs count towards qualifying the summit.

73, happy activating,

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Congrats on your first activation!

If you have time take a look at APRS and Garmin Inreach as options for spotting



Great resources for when you are out of spotting range. Note: you can also post an “alert” prior to heading out, which will generate a spot once you summit via the RBN after you start calling CQ on the summit.

Congrats again and I hope to chase you or get a S2S at some point. 73.

Congratulations on your first SOTA summit. I’m also in NC and would be more than happy to join you for an activation or hop on a Zoom call with you and talk radio and mountains.

Tnx - we’re back in the flatlands for a while. We’re in Raleigh.
I tried to activate this site on one of the webpages, but it would not let me.
Would someone please point me in the right direction to instructions about how to activate a site. I did W4C/EM-010 last week.
Tnx, Bob K4RLC

Climb hill.
Call CQ or CQ SOTA
Work at least 4 QSOs
Continue until no more QSOs or no more battery or too cold/hot/wet
Descend hill.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

But that’s not what you really mean is it?


Ha Ha…it’s not the physical…it’s the blooming computer interface. “Attended” a Zoom meeting with the Derby Radio Club in UK Weds and got a vy nice explanation of the program.
Was able to post my activation from earlier this month.
Question: what website lets one list a planned activation?
Tnx in advance,

Sotawatch, link at the top of every page on the reflector. You’re already logged in there according to the admin console.