W4C/CM-149 Invalid Activation

SOTA Chasers,

After reviewing our GPS track and comparing it to the various maps showing the true summit of W4C/CM-149, KW4JM and I have concluded that our activation was NOT within the Activation Zone for that summit.

It appears we were on a false summit.

Therefore our activation of W4C/CM-149, Broomstraw Mountain on Feb. 25, 2020 is invalid and we will be deleting it. You will also need to delete the chases in your log and the SOTA database.

We apologize if this causes problems for your log but we feel the integrity of SOTA is paramount to any activator or activation.

Keep Calm
And Call

Dean Blair ~ Amateur Radio Call K2JB
Amateur Radio: It’s not rocket science.
It’s the Hobby preferred by rocket scientists.


Oh no, how far off were you from the real summit?


Summit deleted. Thanks for your effort. Catch you on the next one. Take care guys. 73 de Scotty

Hi Dean,
I chased Scott @NZ4R on Feb 25th while he was activating W4C/CM-030. I guess/hope that activation was 100% valid, wasn’t it?
Thanks and 73,


Hello Guru. The Sampson Peak was good. W4C/CM-030. Keep it in the log and thanks for calling!
Scott kw4jm

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Ryan, GPS said .6 mi. What fooled us what that every direction was considerably down from the summit which has always proved a good indicator of summit ascension. Additionally, the trees and undergrowth obscured the higher, albeit true summit.