W2CKL - New SOTA Goat

Robert is the latest SOTA Mountain Goat in the US. Congrats on your achievement and hope to work you many more times on a summit.

Gary A. - W0MNA


Congrats Robert Always good to get you in my Chasers Log here in W4V
73 W4DOW ( Dow)

Congrats Bob!!!

73, Barry N1EU

Congrats Bob. Nice work ! You have been a steady activator ever since you started. Always a pleasure to work you on 40 mtrs. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Well done Bob!


Yes! Congrats Bob! I first met Bob several years ago up in the Catskills. He definitely has the SOTA fever which has helped fuel his return to ham radio after many years! Great climber, great attitude!


Congrats, Bob.
After having been activating for the last more than 2 years, and having collected just a few more than 300 activator points, I admire those achieving Mountain Goat status, because it requires a lot of work.
The good thing is that such hard work has provided a lot of fun too. Not only for the activator but also for the chasers.
Keep on having this sort of fun.
Best 73 de Guru

Congratulations Bob!

Mike - ke5akl

Congrats Bob!
73, Baa
John K1JD

Congratulations to you from Merle and Herm in New Hampshire.
We are less than halfway there and may never make it, so we appreciate what you’ve done.

Congratulations, Bob, and thank you for the many contacts we
have had over the years. I look forward to many more.

72 & 73,

Paul, K1CM

Congratulations Bob! Thanks for all the past (and hopefully future) contacts.

Walt NE4TN

Congratulations Bob. Thanks for all the activations!

73, Charlie, K0LAF

Piling on the congratulations, Bob!
I found you once on my S2S log and hope to connect with you many more times.

Thanks for all the chases over the past few years, it’s still exciting to hear the pile-ups on 20m, and thoes FB DX sigs. If the weather is fair, activating is a pleasure; I tried a bit of chasing this past week, and I think you guys are doing the heavy lifting…I’m still amazed at how you can pick the weak sigs out of the noise.
Thanks Again, I’ll listen for you on the next hill.
73 Bob W2CKL

Congrats on making g SOTA Goat! I’m just getting started, but maybe I’ll bump into you on one of the Catskill peaks some day. 73! John KD2FLX

Congratulations Bob. I am pretty sure that you did it all with 5W max and often even lower power. Outstanding !!

73 Rich N4EX

Bob-Congrtulations! Always great to hear you in Montana. Have fun, don’t quit now. 73- Wendell, N7WM

Well Done Bob! Welcome to the herd.