W2/GC-075 Spy Rock -- Great DX 20M Thursday WB2FUV

Total of 44 QSOs today 40/20M from lowly Spy Rock, W2/GC-075 near West Point Military Academy along the Hudson River in NY. The DX was great on 14 MHz CW with 17 DX stations logged, including Galih, YC2VOC, plus 2 s2s contacts. Rig was SW-3B QRP running 5 watts to an end-fed inverted vee up 20’ on telescopic fishing pole. Thanks to EA2GM/P, N6AN and many chasers with good ears!
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Thanks for calling me this morning. I was listening for you around 1530Z and just couldn’t copy you well. But I did hear your QSO with Galih, YC2VOC! That prompted me to call CQ. Galih called me a few minutes later with a nice signal.
Thanks for the numerous S2S and chases.
73, David N6AN

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Hi Mike!

Thanks for the S2S, always is a pleasure to make qso with you.
I was glad to see your alert because I was planning to hike up to my nearby summit yesterday afternoon.
The conditions to make the qso were touching the limit, but it can copy you. Later, near the end of the activation, conditions improved somewhat and I could hear you doing several more qso’s.
Yesterday I carried the FT-817 and the bazooka antenna in an almost vertical position.
The result was 29 qso, 7 DX NA and 2 S2S. I also had the pleasure to make qso with Galih, YC2VOC with very good signals.
I hope to copy you soon!!

Best 73, Javier

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Thanks for another S2S Mike! Spy Rock seems interesting. I’ll plan to hike it when down that way! Bob AC1Z