W2/EH-019 Thanks for the spots and Contacts!

It was my first time out with the FT-857 and I figured 100 watts has to get my signal across the pond… After calling cq for 15 min I got depressed… “Junk, Crap stupid ocean” were all things that came out of my mouth.

I then moved frequencies and respotted myself… “can anyone hear me?”…

It was like a wall of people hit me =) I got quite a few awesome contacts one as far as Croatia 4200 miles away.

So I just wanted to say Thanks for listening and picking me up =) It made my first 100 watts portable experience that much better… and I was thrilled the radio and antenna worked well enough to make those contacts with EU.

I am looking forward to many more summits and many more contacts across the pond =)

Andrew - K2FR

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I listened hard via my FT-101ZD and dipole and heard you reply ‘QSL’ before your voice dropped into the noise, Andy. I missed hearing your callsign for a SWL point though I heard the other station give you a good report. Well done and keep trying. 73

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Gee…I have to watch that alert page better…would have liked to work you…


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Hi Andrew…I was out doing yard work…came in for a break and saw your post a half hour after it was sent…if you were still on the air I never heard a peep. There was a strong station nearby that was splattering me quite bad. Next time I hope!


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Hey Tom, I had just driven 9 hours round trip upstate to see my brothers new baby… and felt like crap… So I just grabbed my things and ran.

Im planning a double 10 pointer soon… Ill keep you posted :smiley: