W2/EH-003 Attempt #2..... Victory =)

After my first failed now attempt last weekend trying to force myself up a mountain through feet and feet of fresh snow, I turned back because of sheer exhaustion.

1 week later, I forged forward resolved to succeed.

That mission was accomplished =) Granted I had a hard packed snow trail and 50+ degree weather to easy the mission along haha.

Its going to be a great year for many many more Activations and adventures.

Here is the Youtube Video of course =)

Till next time.

Andrew - K2FR

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Sorry I missed you. I came on just in time to see your aprs beacon descending !

Next time :slight_smile:
Glad you made it this time …


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I really have to start watching that alert page more closely. Drop me an email next time you go up somewhere!

How was propegation? Was 2m still strong?


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Bravo Andrew !
Great video and SOTA or better SnowOTA !
Now I’m QRV on 30 and 20 meters, I do hope a S2S with US.
73 QRO

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Hey Tom, Did i see the database correct, You activated the day before me? =) how cool

2m was good, I only did a couple local contacts and called it a day, the wind was kinda beating me up there and it sure does get cold after you get out of the tree line up to the top.

I tell you what, im excited for this year… Im feeling a grand adventure up slide mountain as the weather keeps improving…

In reply to K2FR:
We did go the day before…that was a good time. I went up with 2 other hams.
I think South Beacon Mtn, W2/EH-003, is now the most frequentely activated summit in North America :wink:

Slide was fun, and I really don’t think it is as hard as Beacon. But keep in mind, I went up Slide in May of last year and found some ice at the summit (as well as some trash).

There are a bunch of interesting hills in the Adirondacks as well.

The wind and the hike up Beacon is just tough…no two ways about it. We went up without snowshoes, but we would have saved some time and effort if we did take the snowshoes.

Dave, W2VV, setup an endfed 20m halfwave antenna supported between a stake in the ground and the firetower, and he made a bunch of contacts. That is a great strategy for Beacon. 2m was really hopping for me with contacts into PA.

Have you taken a look at the W1 activator database? Doug, KB1TBW is really moving!