W1ej spotting mix-up 03/08/2017

On 03/08 I planned activation of W6/SN-039, W6/NS-392, and W6/NS-210 in that order. Due to a late start my spots from RBN were out of sequence. If you logged me on NS-392 it should be changed to SN-039. If you logged me on NS-210 it should be changed to NS-392. I never made it to NS-210 Colorado Hill due to a road closure. I did send a reference a couple of times but I know when chasing I just write down the spot info. Sorry for the mess. Ed

Ed, you can minimise the problems by using wild card alerts when you know you will be doing a mix of summits.

In the alert set the summit ref to W6/NS-??? and this is what is spotted. People will need to ask you the ref and then, hopefully, someone will spot the actual summit ref.

To make sure that people know you are attempting multiple summits, put all the refs in the comment and add the command to make RBN spot you for longer after it first hears you, say 10 hours

e.g. “will try W6/NS-039, NS-210 & NS-392 S+10”

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I had read some of that info before but now I understand it better. I always give the ref on at least the first contact and figured if it didn’t gibe with the spot they would let me know, but with the ??? it is more positive.
If I have cell service I check the spot that comes up but when you get out in the boondocks you can’t count on it. Thank you very much.