W1 SOTA Campout June 1st to June 5th, 2023

W1 SOTA Campout 2023
Thursday June 1st to Monday June 5th, 2023
Update: There are several sites still available to reserve at Sugarloaf 2 Campground. As of March 9th, the following are reserved for the W1 SOTA Campout 2023:
Ed K1RID Site 10; Rob WC1N and John WI1G Site 11; KC1MXB Jonathan β€œJB” Site 7; Andy, N4LAG & Debbie Site 13; Eric VA2EO Site 8; Chris KG6CIH Site 12; Ron NR3E and Pat NE2P Site 16; Sylvain VA2YZX Site 20; Fred WX1S Site 22; and Bob AC1Z and Paul N1ZF Site 18.
More summits were added to the nearby summit list including some 1 to 6 pointers.

This is the 6th Annual W1 SOTA Campout! It is an opportunity for those who participate in or have interest in the β€œSummits on the Air” SOTA program to meet each other, have conversation, learn and activate SOTA summits in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Join in for the entire four night campout or for as many nights as you can or just stop by for a while! More details will be worked out as the date gets closer.
Location: Sugarloaf 2 Campground Jefferson, NH 03583 GPS Coordinates: 44.25806, -71.50444
This is a rustic campground that has both tent and small RV sites. Some sites can be reserved and others are on a walk-in first come first serve basis. There are both tent and RV sites available. Senior Pass allows for discount.
Reservations: Reserve sites online through recreation.gov or by calling toll free at 1-877-444-6777

Fees: β€’ $20 per night, includes 1 vehicle.
β€’ $5 additional fee for 2nd vehicle.
Open Season: mid-May - mid-October
Closest Towns: Twin Mountain, NH
Water: Faucets and handpump
Restroom: Vault Toilets
Operated By: Pro-Sport, Inc

Directions: From the junction of NH Rte 3 and NH Rte 302 in Twin Mountain, go east on Rte 302 for 2 miles. Turn right onto Zealand Road (at the Zealand Campground sign). The campground is 0.6 miles on the right.

Please email me at: bobac1z.nh@gmail.com to let me know which site you reserve if camping or if you are interested in stopping by the campground for a while.
See Web sites below for more info and reservations on campground:
White Mountain National Forest - Sugarloaf II Campground
Sugarloaf 2 Campground, White Mountain National Forest - Recreation.gov
Note: Other campgrounds a short distance away are Sugarloaf 1 next to Sugarloaf 2 and Zealand

Some SOTA Summits near Sugarloaf 2 Campground
All suggested trails are designated and maintained except as noted. Other trails to summits are possible.
Listed in order of driving time from campground - source: Google maps:

β€’ Mt. Hale – W1/HA-157-10 points – 8 minute Drive to Hale Brook Trailhead – Hale Brook Trail 2.2 miles to summit 4054ft. - Elevation Gain 2200ft -No view at summit but large open area where a tower was easy to set up antenna.
β€’ Mt Field -W1-HA-018-10 points - 11 min drive to parking lot next to AMC Highland Center Trailhead across railroad tracks - Avalon trail 2.7 miles to summit 4340 ft. -Elevation Gain 2640 ft. – View at lookout and small open area for antenna.
β€’ Mt. Martha-W1/HA-020- 6 points – 12 minute drive to Cherry Mtn Trail 1.8mile hike to summit 3563 ft. – Elevation Gain 1800 ft. – Open area at summit with nice view of Mt. Washington.
β€’ Mt Washington-W1/HA-001- 10 points – 17 minute drive to Ammonoosuc Ravine Trailhead - Ammonoosuc Ravine and Crawford Path Trails total 4.5 mile hike to summit 6288 ft. – Elevation Gain 3750 ft. – This is one of many trails to open rock summit. Can also take the Cog Railway or drive up for a fee.
β€’ Mt. Garfield-W1/HA-095-10 points -17minute drive to Garfield trailhead 4.8 mile hike to summit 4500 ft. – Elevation Gain 3000 ft. – Great view at summit easy to set up.
β€’ South twin-W1/HA-022- 10 Points – 21minute drive to Gale River Trailhead - Gale River and Garfield Ridge trails 5.6 miles to summit 4902 ft. – elevation Gain 3300 ft. – Great views stop at the AMC Galehead Hut for water break.
β€’ Stairs Mtn-W1/HA-214- 6 points – 20 minute drive to parking lot at GPS 44.1185 -71.3546 Davis Path 4 miles and short off trail to summit 3463 ft. – Elevation Gain 2500 ft.
β€’ Mt Nancy-W1/HA-061- 8 points – 21 minute drive to Nancy Pond Trailhead 44.1043 -71.3525 – Nancy Pond trail to Norcross Pond then take a rough non-maintained trail to summit 3926 ft.- elevation Gain 2900 ft. – Long day hike I camped overnight at Norcross Pond.
β€’ Cannon Mt.-W1/HA-113- 10 points – 22 minute drive to trailhead or Tramway. Kinsman Ridge Trail 2.0miles to summit 4100 ft. – Elevation Gain 2100 ft. - Tramway takes you to restaurant and a short hike to summit. Lookout tower and lots of antennas make it a bit noisy on some bands.
See info and fees at: www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/aerial-tramway.aspx
β€’ Mt Tremont – W1/HA-019 - 6 points – Park along the side of Route 302 pull offs at approximate GPS 44.076162, -71.337735 Trailhead sign on south side of highway about 2.8 mile hike Elevation 3371ft with over 2500ft of Elevation Gain.
β€’ Mt Crescent – W1/HA-110 – 4 points – 35 min. drive from Sugarloaf 2 Campground to Mt Crescent Trailhead at GPS 44.391800, -71.286268 – Elevation 3251ft. Elevation Gain: about 1300ft.
β€’ Mt. Lafayette -W1/HA-002 – 31 min. drive - 10 Points - Elevation: 5260ft Elevation Gain: about 3350ft. Great 360 views from open rocky summit. Trailhead at Lafayette Place parking lot: GPS 44.141649, -71.683309 about a 30 minute drive from campground. Hike on the Old Bridle Path for 3.1 miles to the AMC Greenleaf Hut then the Greenleaf Trail for 1.1 miles to summit. Hike back the same way roundtrip: 8.4 miles. You can hike back the same way or if you are in for a longer hike the Franconia Ridge Trail to the Lincoln and Little Haystack summits and descend back to parking lot and campground via the Falling Waters trail. Total 9 mile hike.
β€’ Prospect Mountain -W1/HA-067 – 30 min. drive – 1 point – Elevation 2077ft Elevation Gain: about 700ft. Can drive to summit on Weeks State Park road if open. Otherwise hike on trail or walk on road. Google Park info online.
β€’ Pine Mountain – W1/HA-106 – 40 min. drive – 1 point – Elevation Gain: about 800ft. Park at Pine Mountain Trailhead GPS 44.353929, -71.231564.