W1/MV-001 Bean Hill

Every now and then I find an interesting summit that I can’t seem to get out of my head. This happened today while hiking Bean Hill.

Bean hill is a seldom activated summit in the town of Northfield NH. At one time it was a ski area but the ski area closed in the mid 90’s and has now been converted to a Mountain Bike Park.

At the base of the hill you’ll find a Lodge with an exceptional staff. There’s a bar and a kitchen and on a cold day you can warm up by the wood stove. If you stop in during the off season, stop at the lodge and ask permission. In the summertime when the lift is running you can ride up and down the hill for free. If you plan to ride down on your bike, they do charge a fee.

I want to thank all the chasers that made this a successful activation. It wouldn’t be any fun without you guys being there.

29 in the log with 9 DX, @VA2YZX @EA4HH @EI6FR @F4WBN @GI0AZB @S57S @DL8DXL @OK2PDT @EA4HH

Thanks again es 73 Fred



Hi Fred, thanks for another fine video. All the best for the season. :beers:

cheers: Geoff vk3sq

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Fantastic to get you in the log yesterday afternoon Fred in a very wet and chilly Northern Ireland. Love the video :slight_smile:

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Hi Geoff,
Thanks for the comment. I haven’t had much of a chance to get out over the past month but I’m looking forward to our winter season.
Enjoy the summer!

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Hi Ian,
Conditions were pretty decent. I was running 5W into a Trail Friendly EFHW.
I’m looking forward to hearing you again. Perhaps even an S2S.


Hi Fred,
Thanks for the new one ! Good job !
Merry Christmas.
Chris F4WBN

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for checking in. It’s always a pleasure getting you in the log.
Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year!
BTW you had a booming signal on both bands.
73, Fred

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