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W1/HA-201 First to activate

Hi all,

KA1YBS here. Not many NH Appalachians left, so I had to bushwhack my way up, and thankfully, back from W1/HA-201. This is the hardest and most physically exhausting hike I have ever been on. Not only must I rely on a compass and map, I had to brave dehydration and rehydration in the wilds.

I am bruised and battered from this one. Thank goodness I had both an HT as well an my trusty KX2. I only managed 4 QSOs, two on VHF and one each on 17 and 20m SSB.

The 6 points was worth it. No one has ever attempted this one for SOTA until now. This peak sees one visitor every few years, even though it is deceptively close to Flay Mountain Shelter (lean-to with adjacent tent sites and pond)

Thanks to my chasers for making this one special.

73 de KA1YBS


Hi Tim,
Congratulations, sounds like an interesting hike. Nice photo.

Hi Tim, congrats on the first activation of an HA 6-pointer! Very nice and thanks for sharing the photos and report.

73 de Jonathan

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Thanks Tim for your report and nice photos.

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

Great job! 73 Hal


Congrats man! We could use a few more activators who are willing to forgo easy and add some real adventure to the mix.

β€œHe who dares, wins.”