W1/HA-015 Mount Tecumseh

Mount Tecumseh is New Hampshire’s smallest 4K footer. It has a reputation of being one of the states easiest to climb but I’ve never found that to be so. It’s also known for it’s endless granite stairs but I didn’t see many of them today because the trail is still covered in ice and snow.
I had an outstanding day and the weather couldn’t have been better. No wind, sunny skies and temps in the 40’s (5 or 6C). I spent over 2 hours on the summit. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Today’s Total 52 Q’s with 2 S2S
37 on 20 CW 7 DX
1 on 30 CW
1 on 40 CW
13 on 2M Phone

Thanks to my DX friends for checking in. @F4WBN @SA4BLM @G4OBK @HB9CGA @SM5LNE @GM4ZMK @F5JKK all made the log. There were others but I just couldn’t pull them out.
See you on the next one.
73, fred

Looking out over Waterville Valley Ski area, the Tripyramid’s are in the background.


Congrats Fred. I was on Mt Field today (W1/HA-018) and did a short activation. It was a fabulous day out there to be sure!!

73 de KC1KNB, Sean

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Hi Sean,
To bad I missed you. I had wanted to do Field today but ended up on Tecumseh. How were the trails? I needed micro spikes but left the snow shoes in the truck. I really could have used my crampons in a couple of spots.

Trails were great but definitely micro spikes from the parking lot. Really softened up as the day would down. Saw one snow shower but spikes were fine.

Cool, catch you on the next one I hope.
73, fred