W1/HA-012 Cold Day on the Hill

Coldest day this season. Thanks for being there guys. I know my CW wasn’t the best. My old arthritic fingers didn’t want to move in the cold.

I tucked behind a grove of trees just below the summit and was quite surprised to see how well my little station performed. It was blustery and cold. Wind gusts to 40 MPH (65 KPH) and the windchill as low as -2 F (-18 C).

Needless to say I didn’t stay to long. The trail did have some icy spots but I didn’t need spikes. However this time of year I always have them in my pack.

I hiked in and out on the West Ridge trail and the gate leading to the State Park is closed. Expect to add some extra distance to your hike. The gravel roads leading to the state park were soft but passable.

Be careful es 73,

32 Stations in the Log with 10 DX
Rig: KX2 @ 5W
Antenna: AX1 (15, 17, 20) with a single ground mounted counterpoise



Thanks for the QSO Fred.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
73 and take care.

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Hi Jan,
It was great to hear you. Thank you so much for being there and I hope to hear you many more times in the upcoming year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Hi Fred.
Yes great to work you again.
Thanks for the Season Greetings.

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Hi Fred,
Nice work with such a small antenna, very great job !
Best wishes for happiness and health !
Chris F4WBN

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Hi Fred,

Tough guy! Wind is not fun for me.

Your 5w sig into your AX1 was a good 549 here in NC. Glad to be in your log.

Andy, N4LAG

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Hey, good job, Fred!
You had a great signal on 15M, and it was a half hour before sunrise here in Calif.
73, John, K6YK

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Hi John,
I give you an accurate report (579). The AX1 does hear a little better then it transmits but I’m really blown away at how well it does. I’m probably going to use it as my primary antenna this winter and keep the end fed long wire in the pack as my spare.
Nice to see the bands picking up! As always, thanks for being there.
Merry Christmas, Fred WX1S

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Yes Chris, tiny antenna but you always have a great signal.
Thanks again es 73