W1/CB-010 looking for S2S


Dave, W2VV and I are activating http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=W1/CB-010 Sunday morning as early as possible with the hopes of working as many S2S contacts as possible.

We have specifically selected this summit as it is the W1 summit that we can get on the air from earliest in the hopes of catching the end of dx activations.

We will be bringing as heavy antennas as possible…with the hf yagi a possibility.

While thunderstorms may cause us to cancel, I would ask that any summit activators who have activations near our start time look for us as we would love to work you.

Will be running 100w for at least a bit and the aprs beacon with frequency information as N2YTF-3. You can see the beacon at the website aprs.fi by tracking n2ytf-3.