W0MNA is now double Super Sloth

Congrats Gary, Just saw that you are now over 20,000 chaser points. Nice job!
It Takes alot of seat time to get to to that level. All the best to you and Martha. 72 de Scotty

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Good job, Gary. I know what this means - a whole lot of shack time. Have you ever thought about how much chasing time it takes to get 1000 points? Much less 20k.


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Congratulation Gary… thanks for all the contacts.

73 from Colorado


Congrats Gary and yes, thanks for all the contacts!

73, Barry N1EU

Having recently reached a more modest benchmark, we respectfully tip our hats in recognition of your impressive achievement.
73’s from NH
Merle and Herm

Big points Gary and thanks for chasing!
Looking forward to our next QSO.

Congratulations, Gary! You always have a great signal into Tennessee.

73, Walt NE4TN

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Thanks Barry for all the activations helping me to make reach this level. You’re about to hit the 20k mark too so well done my friend.
Gary a.

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Phil, with all the points you have achieved too, we both understand how much shack time it takes. Probably 1/3 of my points have been while mobile. Great activators have made it possible so thanks to all you guys and gals that hike up to those locations and activate a summit.

Gary a.

Thanks Merle & Herm. I’d love to meet you sometime. Enjoyed meeting and talking to Frandy at FDIM. You should think about doing FDIM next year along with the Dayton Hamvention.

Gary a.

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Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of the work and efforts of the great activators so many thanks to all of them.

Gary a.

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In reply to W0MNA: Hey Gary now you can give more radio time to Martha!

Congrats all around! John N0EVH

John, At this QTH it’s first come, first served. I have set Martha up with a TS450 in her radio room now so she doesn’t have to use my rig but she still seems to occupy my chair and keyboard a lot. Probably because she has a cluttered desk a lot of the time and has a problem finding the radio sometimes. I’m sure I will regret saying that somehow but I can still outrun her yet with her new knee. :slight_smile:

Gary a.

In reply to W0MNA: BTW that was great fun down at Branson with you guys. The top flight burger joint at the remote intersection was one of a kind. The grand daughter is off to Rolla in the fall so I am looking at camp grounds down there and a few SOTA that I can climb this fall and winter! Chat later. John

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Great job Gary, lots of points in a short period of time. Wow! Thanks for all the chases and good luck on the next 20K.

Your signal is one of the best no matter where I’m operating from…chaser in IN or FL or as an activator…



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Dennis, It’s amazing at times how well a 100 watt rig with a 50+ years old Mosley TA-33 beam antenna can get out. I never run over 100 watts but it seems to do the job. I look forward to working you again and thanks for all the points. Your signal is always good too and hopefully someday we’ll get a chance to meet and discuss SOTA operating. Sure is a fun activity. I met six SOTA people while at FDIM and the Dayton Hamvention this year. Great bunch of people.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations Gary! Thanks for all the contacts from you and Martha.


Mike - ke5akl

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Thanks Mike for all the activations and points. I hope to see you in October when we come down to Albuquerque again for the hot air balloon fiesta. I had a great time meeting all the SOTA guys last year.
Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats Gary on your accomplishment. Well done OM. Thanks for always being there and for help with spotting.

73, Dan NA6MG