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W0ERI passes the 100K Chaser Point level. First XYL/YL in the world achieve that level..

Martha - W0ERI has passed the 100K Chaser Points level and is the first XYL/YL in the world to hit that level. Congrats and keep on chasing.

Gary A. - W0MNA


Congratulations! That is a mind-boggling number of points.

Congratulations Martha on being the first female to achieve 100,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Martha, that is an awesome achievement! Thanks so much for the many calls!


Amazing!! Congrats Martha and thanks for all the contacts through the years. You’re one of my top four chasers and I really appreciate you always being there. Keep up the great work!!

73, Brad

Congratulations and many thanks for all the contacts, Martha. It is always a pleasure to hear your voice.

GREAT BIG THANKS, MARTHA! For all those chases when they were needed most!
All Best, Ken dit (long wait) dit

Congrats Martha - always glad to get you into my log!

Congratulations Martha! And thank you for helping me to qualify those late-afternoon peaks.

Congrats Martha! Keep going strong good to hear you on the air :slight_smile: Kris

Zowie! Thats alot of points!

Thanks for all of the Chaser Q’s over the years Martha!



A hearty congratulations , Martha! I knew you were getting very close to your 100K goal. The rest of us are plunking away at it. Enjoy the day. All the best from the chaser world. 88 de Scotty KG3W

Congratulations, Martha!! It is always a pleasure to work you, SSB or CW, and a great comfort to know that you (and Gary) will likely be there for me when I’m on a summit!

Here’s to another 100,000…don’t stop now!! :grinning:

Dave, AE9Q

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Congrats !! That is truly amazing, it took me 5 yrs to get 10,000 points…
don’t think I’ll eve see 100,000 !
keep up the great work !!


WOW! So awesome Martha! It’s always a pleasure to put your call in my log (including today)! I’ve also logged you while you’ve been activating, and best of all I got to meet you in Xenia! We are all so fortunate that your ham radio journey includes SOTA.

73 de Keith, KR7RK

Congratulations, Martha! It’s always a pleasure to work you and I always appreciate your being there to help me qualify my summits. Best wishes & 73! de K9PM


You are so far beyond most of us that there’s nothing more to be said!

You are Gary are there for me on most of my activations, and it’s just amazing EVERY TIME! Almost nothing else in this world is as dependable or consistent as your presence on the bands!

Looking forward to many more contacts - and hopefully some more of your wonderful SOTA Activations!



Good going Martha. Always a pleasure to talk to you.


Congratulations Martha. And thanks for the many, many contacts including yesterday’s. :slight_smile:
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ

Holy Somalians Martha, I can always count on your reply to my CQ SOTA from a summit.
Jack KB7HH