W0D/BB-078 activation today

W0SEB and I activated Boulder Hill, W0D/BB-078 today (1/5/21). As I’m slightly dyslexic, I’m not sure if I told some chasers BB-087 instead. The spots were correct, but I gave out the designator a number of times. I hope I gave it out correctly.

Also, this activation ended in an unsual way. The police came up the hill in a four wheeler and told some of the folks on the rocks near us that they were searching for an escaped fugitive. They relayed the info to us, so we decided to cut the activation a bit short. I guess the guy was driving an old car with California plates. After thinking about it a bit, we thought we should warn the W6 folks that the police in South Dakota apparently take a dim view of people escaping from Californina!