W0CP Makes goat!

Congratulations, Walt!
Ken, K6HPX

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Congrats Walt, you da man !!

Sitting here waiting to try you on 18.093. Congrats and FB on your Goat day, Walt! 73 de Scotty

Excellent. FB QSO on 30M. Glad to work you! Congrats on all the summits! Jim/K7MK

Congrats Walt on making Goat status. You always have a good signal here in Kansas. Thanks for all the contacts.
Gary A. - W0MNA

Wow, congratulations Walt on your Goat peak and thanks for all the QSO’s!
Keith KR7RK

Congrats Walt, it is always a pleasure to chase you.
Gary W5ODS

Congrats on joining the Colorado herd Walt! It’s been fun working you and watching your progress towards MG on these tough Colorado Peaks. I was very happy to work you on 17M today on your special day.

73, Brad

Congratulations Walt!! Only sorry that I missed working you today on this memorable occasion.

73 Rich N4EX.


I has been a great joy to share many contacts with you, both activating and chasing - as well as some incredible S2S contacts between peaks here in Colorado. It was my pleasure to join you in activating Thorodin Mountain W0C/SR-052 last week!

We climbed about 1200 vertical feet, all on snowshoes, with the wind roaring through the trees and over the summit rocks, and we definitely earned our bonus points!

Walt has accomplished numerous Colorado first activations, off-trail bush-whack trips, very high altitude expeditions (many over 4000M), lots of rocky crags - not to mention gnarly jeep trails - and plenty of snow and ice. He has shared territory with actual mountain goats!

He’s the real deal!

73 - and good luck on your next 1000 activator points!


You put me over the top Gary. Fourth Q on goat day. Always a pleasure to work you and thanks for all the chases! 73

Almost esp, but you’re in the log Scotty. Thanks for all the exciting Q’s along the way. 73

Thanks for letting me play in your backyard, Ken. Beautiful country. And, thanks for all the chases!

Thanks Carey. I never would have found the way up a lot of those peaks if you hadn’t broken trail. That goes double for last week’s snow shoe hike!

Congrats!! To Walt, another CO op in a challenging operating environment.

Congratulations! Welcome to the Herd! Keep Calm and Call CQ SOTA.

Dean ~ K2JB

congrats Walt on your uphill challange

Always good to hear you, Walt.

73, Paul K1CM

Congratulations, Walt!
Charlie NJ7V