W0C/PR-091 busted activation

Apologies to anyone hoping to contact me on W0C/PR-091 this afternoon. I got a little wet just below the summit. Setting up, I felt chilled and was unable to get warm even after a snack and an added layer, so I threw things back in the pack and got moving down towards the trailhead. (I took my apathy at the thought of activating as a sign that something was not right!) Feeling good now and hoping to get out tomorrow.

Peter KD0YOB


Always best to be sensible - the mountain will still be there tomorrow.

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You beat me to saying that. Don’t worry Peter, you did the right thing.

Always better to be safe. You did the right thing for sure. I’ve turned around due to various reasons before, and It’s disappointing. But the summit will always be there for another try!