W0, W6 4,270m+ Activations

On August 8th Huron Pk (W0/SR-004 4272m), Mt Shasta (W6/CN-001 4317m), and Mt Langley (W6/SN-003 4275m) will be activated by Steve/wG0AT and Guy/N7UN, Brian/N6IZ, and Mark/AF6AX respectively. This will be the 3rd year for the Special Event N0B and the first year as SOTA activations. One important goal will be S2S contacts between >14,000 ft (>4268m) peaks but also to provide Chaser points from these summits. The Mt. Shasta climb is a technical effort as the mountain has permanent glacier and snowfields. If the weather cooperates for all teams, this should be a spectacular Special Event! Follow the latest information at http://n0b-14er.blogspot.com and view the videos of the previous two years. In 2009, N0B braved 30 to 40 kt winds on the summit of Mt. Humboldt. And hopefully the propagation will favor EU contacts on 20m!