VU -INDIA associated with sota.

Hi ,
We are a team of Hilltop activators , in India.
We would like to start listing the peaks we summit and operate on sota.
I understand this a long drawn process , where maps and other details would be required.
Out team is very happy to take this task up and start the process.
Do link is up with the team who can help us do this .
Mean while this weekend we are activating a peak in the Himalayan region
Details as below .
Sankari Range, Uttarakhand
Dropped pin

Let me know if any ground work can be carried out before ,during and after the trip to list this particular peak to start with.


This is an exciting development. It would be great to have a new SOTA entity nearby I suggest you read the 9N2CDX thread on this reflector as it’s not as easy as posting a request.

If you need an outline on what is required drop me a personal email.

However please note there is a lot of work involved in mapping of candidate summits and the generation of an association manual. This will take longer than the time the MT needs to review your proposal. It might take 3 months for the MT to process your application but it’s likely you will need at least 6 months of preparatory work. Someone working on this full time could do it faster but remember most of the work is done by volunteers, some have jobs and others have full time retirement to cope with.

You need an Association Manager. You need to decide on Regions and appoint Regional Managers. In Australia we have Association Managers for each State and each State is divided into regions with regional managers. For example John VK6NU is the VK6 Association Manager and I am the Regional Manager for the Southern Goldfields Region. It’s my job to survey the candidate mountains, write the supporting documentation and then conduct reviews and update the listing and documentation for that Region. Requests for changes go through the AM to the SOTA MT in the UK.

You will find a lot of useful information on the SOTA website.



Hi, Ron. Can the proposal being approved faster? 3 months is too long.

Sure Ron, i am in no hurry let’s get the process started .
Do let me know . I have mailed you with the request

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Hi, Ron has nothing to do with the official process, please speak with Simon @G4TJC as the process has changed quite a bit since Ron helped with the VK associations

Methinks you assume too much Andrew. I’m still active in mapping and separately advocating change where I see the need. I’m still a RM for most of WA.

I’m not denying you are active in mapping. My point was that the process for checking and updating summits has changed a lot since the VK associations came online. You haven’t been involved in that, because I can see you’ve never logged into the systems we use. It’ll be a lot quicker for everyone if the OP works direct with Simon and the Summits team.

Thank you for you RM service.

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Hi Andrew,

Asking Simon what he requires from a new Association is of course a necessary and sensible step. But how he or you process the data is a detail we in the SOTA community don’t need know. Data, format and supporting documentation as requested by the MT is it

I’ve been told by the SOTA MT to work through the VK6 AM and not to go directly to Simon, so of course I haven’t logged in to your system. It’s not a good idea for an RM to bypass the AM.

There is a lot more to setting up SOTA than the format and content of a spreadsheet with a list of summits. I am able to give advice on both. Recipients may ignore it if they wish.

SOTA is fortunate to have professional skilled people like you and Simon involved but at the AM and RM level many associations seem to be finding it hard to get adequate local support and involvement. If the initial set up involves more than a couple of people and it is properly structured the chances of long term survival are better.


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