VOSGIAN SOTA ! FL/vo-001 & 078

Hi Folks !
Just some pictures from activators side !
While you are confortably sit in you schack’s chair, chasing SOTA, have a look where activators were !
Today it was frozen cold, a minus 8 on the top of the Vosgian massif !
Thanks for the one who could give us a report. We are sorry not to give points to everybody, but in such condition, you will understand that time is counted !!!
73’s Bob (F5HTR) and John (F6GLZ)


Hi Bob,

Nice pics !
See you this week-end if WX permits. Rain forecast.

73 Patrick TK5EP.

Same here, temps was -3c plus Wind!
I have tried 40m, 30m, 20m and had to go down after 15 Qso only.
i’ll be back in summertime and i’ll take a mike for SSB.
73 from Gerald F6HBI


Patrick, petite video pour toi !

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Superbe attention de ta part !! :grinning:
Je penserai à toi lors de ma prochaine sortie dans la neige. TRES peu de neige jusqu’à présent, totalement anormal…

73 EP

From this side of the Alps no snow:

Here I am today on I/PM-201 at almost 1600 m. asl

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BTW, how do you guys measure the temperature ?
I’m looking for a decently precise thermometer which is able to measure air and water temperatures and compatible with our activity.

73, Patrick

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Bravo à vous deux pour cette activité hivernale.
Cordiales 73

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Thanks for s2s !
My part of world this day !


Roll on July Bob when I am there on FL/VO-001 myself and the Tour de France passes close by with the sun shining. You deserved the Winter bonus points. Nice pics.

73 and TNX for QSO



Je n’ai rien pour mesurer la température de mon côté, c’était la température affiché dans la voiture au départ! 73 Bob

I am also planning to activate this one and other FL/VO in the summer. Looks really lovely in Winter though.

73 Andrew G4AFI

It’s an excellent place for SOTA with easy and harder walks, loads of summits, loads of places to eat, drink and stay.

The title of this caught me out at first. I thought it said VOGON SOTA and was expecting terrible poetry from the summits:

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,…

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Hello Patrick,
I mesure the temperature with my Watch, it does also give the utc time (hi), the compass, and altitude.
I think i have this Watch from Decathlon Geonaute for at least 10 years.

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“ Oh freddled gruntbuggly,…" … heh heh, excellent Andy !!

73 Andrew G4AFI

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