VO1/NP-001, Gros Morne, Activation Attempt

Aug 30 till Sep 1 I will spend in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, together with my XYL, hoping to activate VO1/NP-001, Gros Morne. My call for the activation will be HB9CYX/VO1.
Which of the 3 days it will be will depend on the weather. I will try to set an alert as soon as we know when we will hike to the summit. As an SSB only operator I will have to depend on an internet connection for spotting - or SotaMat!
20m will be my first band to call. The other bands between 40m and 10m will also be possible for me as I’m using an endfed with my KX2.
Any QSO would be much appreciated!
Fritz HB9CYX


Hello Fritz,

It will be great to see VO1 activated. I wish you the best of luck for band and wx condx. If I am available to chase I will surely listen for you. I made it to eastern VO1 in 2018 but alas, this was a year and a half before I got into amateur radio.

Vy 73 de Jonathan “JB”

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Yesterday and today the weather was/is too bad for a hike to Gros Morne.
Tomorrow could be a possibility, as the rain should stop and the wind calm down. I will have to see.


Managed to complete the activation!
Hard earned 10 Points: For my XYL and myself it was an 8hr round-trip (just the walking) with over 900m elevation gain. And the trail was quite hard in many places. But the view up there is breathtaking.
Just 5 QSOs though, but with the strong wind and low temperatures we didn’t want to stay longer on the summit.
Thanks to the chasers!


Hi Fritz,
I listened and listened. Could not hear you at all. Sorry.
K6YK, John

Hi John
Sorry about that.
I heard a few stations, that didn’t hear me.
I was happy to manage 5 QSOs.
73, Fritz

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