VK5WG 10 K Chaser points

Congratulations Nev VK5WG for reaching 10,000 plus chaser points, only 8 VK stations have reached that goal so far.
Thanks from all the activators who are always happy to hear you call and I know the trouble you sometimes have with local noise or poor band conditions to add to the excitement / frustration.
BIG effort.

Ian vk5cz . .


Great effort Nev! You are a regular in my Activator log - thanks for all the contacts. I am sure all the other Activators also appreciate you being there almost all of the time.

Peter VK3PF

Yes thanks Nev for chasing me on many summits, several my only contact on 20 m… Well done on the super shack sloth milestone.

Well done that man.
Welcome to the club of 10k plus.

Mind you can’t be that easy from where you are with less Summits than i have access too from this part of the world.


I think having fewer activators and significantly lower population density is the real difference. Yes, there are fewer summits than by you; 650 within 500miles of Adelaide compared with 2400 within 500miles of Penzance. But it doesn’t matter how many summits there are if there’s nobody to activate them.

Now that’s interesting Information there Andy. :grinning: